Blue Monday

They say this is the most depressing day of the year. Blue Monday

The older I get the more I struggle with the depths of winter. Once the hullabaloo of Christmas has been and gone I tend to sink into an introvert hibernation: the darker days and all that extrovert activity of December catching up with me. There is always the fear I will sink too far and not be able to function, or fight my way past my gloom.

It’ s not that there is no light around; it sneaks in, peeps briefly through the clouds in a friend’s kindness, the kids’ capacity for joy and affection, damn good food, or wine by the fire. It’s my ability to drink it deeply and let it bring me life that is stunted this time of year.

Those who know me well will know that I am a woman of action, of pre-emptive measures. I should have been a girl guide but no self-respecting baptist back in the day went in for that sort of thing. This combined with the fear of really going down meant I put a lot in my arsenal this year. I have my herbal meds (5HTP and Higher nature’s ‘balance for nerves’), my daily walk, my SAD lamp and a week’s retreat from life (coming this weekend). And, do you know, for me this combination helps. I am not all singing all dancing, but I am above functional and that feels….well, ok actually.

4 thoughts on “Blue Monday

  1. Debs, I struggled so much with January nukes today….but tonight I’ve decided I’m going to try combating it with doing something nice for someone each day this month as much as I can! Good luck in your battle….if u come up with other good ideas let me know! Hugs j x

  2. Jenny, what a lovely idea. There is part of my gloom that can be very self-involved so that seems like a great antidote, one that I will try and carry into my own days. Thank you!

  3. i find such calm and hope in January… but I know it’s the opposite for many. i hope this year some of the strange pensive peace that weirdos like me feel in the darkness and the rain will find you,and Jenny…

    and of course I am ever taking notes of your toolkit and copying your wise ways for the seasons of ‘life’ (rather than the year) that trigger my nerves … xxx

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