Advent-ure 2012

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

And by that I mean I have spent the past week trawling the Internet and pestering a creative friend for ideas for this year’s Seasonal Shenanigans. I love doing this every year: the kids get so into it and it makes the run up to Christmas feel, well, Christmassy. But usually by about the 16th the goodwill and energy have been replaced by sickness, stress and the overwhelming desire to lock myself in the shed with a bottle of sherry.

Jayber has had strong words. This year, on top of all the usual December craziness, I have an 8000 word hand-in on the 19th. So when I got that wild look in my eye last week and mumbled something about the plank festering on our patio, he staged an intervention. I’m just crap when I am stressed. Some people have a low tolerance for caffeine, or dairy products or Simon Cowell. I have all of the above plus a complete inability to cope with stress. It doesn’t take much to tip the scales and send me into a holistic melt down. It’s not pretty and everyone quickly starts to back away from the snarling mess that once-was-mummy. So Jayber is well within his rights to lay down the law as he is the one who has to tame the beast and mop up the carnage.

We will be adventing this year and I even managed to incorporate the plank, but no blogging. I peeked up sadly from under my eyelashes and got the concession of uploading pictures, but that will be it. The perfectionist in me likes to make ambitious plans and see them through, and I am not very good at cutting myself some freaking slack when I need to. So we will set the bar a bit lower this year, be festive when we are able and start to get a bit more comfortable with ‘good enough’.

However this doesn’t include my rather lovely plank creation, which you will all ooh and ah over here