7: Week four, Media

Two words for Media week:  not fun.

It wasn’t that it was more difficult than I thought, it was just a pain in the ass. It interrupted, in some ways even more than the others, the rhythm and the business of my days.

I was set up to have a bad week by the fact that 1) I am very tired, 2) it’s birthday month. The tiredness meant that I really just wanted to flop in front of something at the end of the day and I didn’t have the energy to use the screen-free time to knit, do jigsaws, journal, read or bake, all things I usually love to do. My va-va-voom has gone awol. So instead I just got grumpy and eventually settled down to read a book I wasn’t very interested in.

There must be something pretty frisky about the month of June, because we have a staggering amount of March birthdays amongst our friends and family. This necesitates much internet activity to find the right present at the right price and plan various birthday activities, so I now have a marathon buying session to do this weekend to make sure it all comes in time. Not helping the grumpiness.

We extended this week’s media fast to the kids, who, as you can imagine weren’t thrilled. The first 3 mornings were fairly painful for all of us as we tried to work out what to do with 3 very wide awake children at 7am that didn’t involve media. Who knew Lego was so noisy? In fairness to them, by the end of day 3 they stopped whinging and totally forgot about computers, the wii and dvds. Unlike their parents. Who at one point were cursing 7 and Jen hatmaker black and blue.

I think what I felt most about the week was a sense of isolation. In my world of stay-at-home-motherhood, the intenet can make you feel like you are engaging with the outside world, still a grown up who reads newspapers, blogs, shops, comments, albeit surrounded by a filthy kitchen and various wailing children. Which is fine, but at times becomes a poor substitute for real human engagement, whether that’s with other mums or even my own kids. It’s a very convenient rabbit hole, right there on my kitchen table and I escape down it a little more often than I should.

As with every week, we end with the question, ‘How should I now live?’. I think Jayber and I both recognise that we allow media to invade our lives without any boundaries. We seem to worry much more about what media does to our kids brains and hearts, strictly limiting their exposure, without any thought about our own. So, we are going to try and keep our media fixes to the weekend from now on. I’d like to try and keep the laptop off during the day, especially when the kids are about, and be more present to my present.

Goodbye, media week. You won’t be missed.


One thought on “7: Week four, Media

  1. Well done for surviving the week! You are doing fantastically! Somewhere in the midst of it you managed to get my pressie here bang on time so I have put it away, still sealed, til Sunday! It is amazing how many birthdays there are this month. When are we going to celebrate ours together finally!??!!! xo

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