Week Four: Media

It’s T minus 6 and counting til it all goes very, very quiet.

From midnight tonight, the Jayspero household will be a screen-free zone. No movies or dvds, no wii, no iplayer (and the like), no social networks, no texting, no newspapers, no browsing.

Radio is allowed, voice calls are allowed, JM can use his computer to do work and we can access our e-mail.

I predict a riot…

..from the kids, who have been trained to turn the dvd player on each morning so that Mummy and Daddy can lie in bed for as long as possible (Our record is 8.25. On a school day). Oh wait, I’ll be rioting that one.

..from the husband who can not believe he won’t see Ireland play on Sunday (yes, JM, really).

I think we have a fairly deep addiction to the many forms of entertainment we access through screens in our house and I’m bracing myself for a few meltdowns, my own included. We don’t actually have tv, but this does not make us more virtuous, just sneakier. In reality we spend a surprising amount of our week watching tv shows and movies either online or from Lovefilm. We are fussy, we like quality shows, it’s something we do together, but it is still an awful lot of time in our week spent on entertainment. This doesn’t include the hours spent surfing, blog reading, blog writing, shopping and randomly reading on the internet.  The irony is that, bar their early morning fix, we are much stricter about how much screen-time the kids have than we are about our own. 

So this week will be a fairly radical lifestyle change and perhaps a bit of a wake up call. I can’t say any of us are particularly looking forward to it.

 Time to pull the plug. See you next Friday.



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