7: Possessions,the end

This has been a calm week, and a welcome one after the busyness of food and clothes.

Full of New Year energy, Jayber and I did a pretty thorough house declutter in January and took several car loads of stuff to various charity shops. So I wondered what we would have left to give this week. Turns out it was really very easy to find seven things each day to give away, and most of the days I was able to give away way over the allotted amount (except pesky decorative items, whose idea was that? Ah, yes. Mine) All told, I probably gave away 100-150 items this week and even then it hasn’t really hurt; that’s how much stuff I am surrounded by. 

It’s pretty cathartic, this move from excess to simplicty and our house feels a little bit lighter, as if it’s breathing easier without it all. It wasn’t bad stuff, it wasn’t crap, I could cheerfully have held on to some of it for a few more years without noticing. But I didn’t need it and I could probably do a whole other month of Possessions and still have a house full of more than I need and use. And, let’s face it, the fairies didn’t bring it in, it was all me.

This morning I dropped off a huge amount of stuff to Women’s Aid. They were so appreciative of all that we brought them and it was lovely to think about all the clothes,toys and household items that Rachel and I gathered up this week going to people who really need them and will be blessed by them. There’s something a little bit redemptive in that.

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