7: Possessions, Days 1-4

Day One: Clothes

14 items found their way from my wardrobe to the Clothes Swap. A few of them nearly got stuffed quietly in a plastic bag to come home again, but I held my nerve. I also showed unprecedented restraint when faced with a room full of free clothes (not so much self control with the pink cava though). With Rach’s blessing, I took 6 items home but even these will face a final review before they get hanger space. Tough love: a whole new concept in my wardrobe.

Day 2:  DVDs

This is not really my department in our house. I think there are only about 3 movies that I would consider mine in our entire collection. So I attacked the kids’ stash and cast a critical eye over Jaybers’ (without consultation, a little rash perhaps?). Here is what’s up for grabs…

Bridget Jones’s diary


Ultimate Yogalates

Genius of Britian – The Scientists who changed the world

Nigella Bites

(and 4 kids DVDs, but they were snapped up)

So, if you want them, let me know and we’ll find a way to get them to you. Otherwise, any suggestions, other than Charity shop?

Day Three: Books

Rachel Martin is putting together an event for World Book Night (23rd April) when we will celebrate all things bookish and she, as a designated book giver, will dispense free copies of Dodie Smith’s ‘I Capture the Castle’. This is the second year Rach has done this and it’s a great way to get together all the various book lovers and book club members in our community. Last year we had a table for book swapping, so I am saving the books that I have purged from our shelves (again, minus consultation, oops) to get them into the hands of some avid readers in April.

Day Four: Toys

I am a women possessed, and have become stealthy in a bid to avoid any opposition (tears, tantrums, begging and the like) to my downsizing. This category had no chance of being constrained by the number ‘7’ and 2 large bags came with me to Mother and Toddlers today, set out under a sign saying, ‘Free to a good home’.  The few bits that were left will be taken over to Women’s Aid along with other things from this week. These will go directly to women and their kids who have had to leave home as a result of domestic abuse, often with only the clothes they are standing up in. Women’s Aid offers them a safe place to live for as long as they need it and then helps them find and set up a new home away from their abuser. So that’s where I will also be taking day 5’s Kitchen equipment and day 6’s linens and towels.

It’s not looking good for Day 7; decorative items. I’m not a nick-nacky person and so anything decorative that does make it into the house is dearly loved. Could I donate a child instead, do you think?

6 thoughts on “7: Possessions, Days 1-4

  1. Hey! Election is a modern comedy classic and is definitely not available.

    Cheeky bandit.

    (I may try and get in the spirit of this week and dig out some DVDs at some point).

    • But surely that would have been the ultimate in embracing the simple life?
      You make a good point about the home-made decorations – we have a steady stream(Caleb) /tidal wave (Elijah) that come home from school and take up about 20% of our blue bin most weeks. Definitely not one of those lets-keep-it-forever mummies.

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