7:Clothes, Day Three


…was what I chose for my remaining 2 items. Cosy, comfy and appeases Jayber as he is going through a ‘I-like-you-in-red-phase’. This is progress. He has finally learnt the importance of having an opinion about what I wear.

Again, enjoyed this morning the speed at which I was able to get ready for church. The jumper is new (Benetton 70% sale, oh yeah) so that helped offset the fact that I was not quite as dressy for church as usual. Our church is very casual, but on Sundays I enjoy putting on some clothes that I wouldn’t ordinarily wear for the school run/ doing laundry/cleaning  bathrooms. Sabbath is about rest and play and I like the festive-ness of dressing up for it.

Labour Behind the Label don’t have any info on Benetton, so I headed over to ethicalconsumer.org who have now totally confused me. They use a different set of criteria to judge how ethical a comany is. Whereas LBL focus on the impact on the workers, ethical consumer takes the environment, animals, people, product sustainability and politics into consideration before working out a score. The more you look into these areas of ethics the more confusing and complicated it can get. I just want someone to tell me where to/where not to shop. Ethicalconsumer may well be able to do that but they would like to charge me 30quid per year for the information, which sucks.

On the upside, they weren’t so scathing about Gap, who must vindicate themselves in other ethical areas.

The skinny jeans live on.

p.s Paul has put the text of his sermon on generosity and giving up on his blog.


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