Week Two: Clothes

For the next seven days I will be restricting my wardrobe to 7 items. No jewellery, no accessories. A coat is one choice and 2 pairs of shoes count as another choice. Which leaves me 5 items to survive a week on (jammies and undies don’t count, phew). I am not a career woman currently so all I have to do is please myself. Easy right? You’re thinking jogging bottoms, a hoodie, a t-shirt – big deal. Except me and clothes have come a long way, and I think I’m going to find this a bit tricky.

In my teens, most of my clothes were either dodgy charity shop buys or stolen from my older sister’s wardrobe. She had pretty good taste and they were inherently cool because a) she was older and b) I hadn’t asked. It was even better when she headed off to uni, leaving at least half her wardrobe at home vulnerable and unprotected. But when I headed off to Uni I ended up spending most of my days either on a bike or disrobing in practical classes (I studied physio, you just learnt to buy better underwear)- there was no point in dressing up or making an effort. Work life meant navy trousers and a tunic, and when I left work to enter the world of motherhood, the item with the least poo or puke on it won. So, after my third child was past the pukey stage, I sort of decided to start dressing for me. I wanted to find my confidence in choosing and accessorising clothes and in some ways dressing was stealing back something of myself that was getting drowned out as a stay-at-home-mum.

I love both the femininity and the creativity of dressing. I am not a fashion queen by any stretch, vaguely contempory will do fine thanks, but I get a kick out of the art of putting an outfit together. It’s all about the earrings,the scarves and the belts, people. Which is why dressing simply this week will be a bit of a challenge.  Since we started thinking about ‘7’ a few weeks ago, this has been the week occupying my mind most. I keep just opening my wardrobe and staring, trying to make those 5 items magic themselves into 5 outfits. It isn’t happening.

So, here’s where I need some help. I have narrowed it down to a few different outfits and I’d like some assistance with the final cut.

Outfit A

Outfit B

Outfit A:
Pink and blue stripy shirt, navy v-neck, skinny jeans
Outfit B: Leggings and red jumper. 2 items

Option C

Option C: Denim maxi pinafore with navy crewneck. 2 items. This is where it starts to get tricky – looks a bit Amish without neckerchief and dangly earrings…
Option D: Shirt, grey cardi and skinny jeans. 3 items. Except, does the belt count?

Option D


Option E

Option E:  Grey pincord dress with aubergine cardi. Again, cries out for scarf and earrings..
Vote below for your top pick. And do it quick – some of these look like they need a good iron before tomorrow!

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